My name is Geoffrey Zandbergen,

In 2018 I started the hobby of sim racing and this turned into a business.

Where I started with the controller, then with the steering wheel and pedals behind a desk with a rolling chair,
I have now ended up with a customized aluminum frame.

I missed something with the standard frames, mainly the pedals.

Personally, I always had problems with my foot 'flying' in the air. While when you sit in a car you always keep your
heel on the ground for the feeling in your foot. Because of this I started researching to imitate the pedals as
realistically as possible. This has become the inverted pedals. As the name suggests, the pedals are reversed.
This is completely different from the standard pedal plates supplied.

Then I came up with the idea, why should I keep this to myself if I can also share this.

Since the adjustment to inverted, I have much more feeling when accelerating and braking or trail braking. This allows
you to train your muscle memory much faster and easier and therefore get the jobs under control faster and better.
This can ensure that you can compete competitively in the online leagues in which you participate.


In addition to this, I also wanted to neatly store my extra accessories. In addition to online racing, I am also a gamer.
I also have a controller and headphones that I want to store neatly away when I'm not using them. How beautiful is it to
hang this on your frame?


Because of all this I made the decision and said, I don't want to keep this to myself but share it with everyone who
encounters this.